Divorce Home Loans Now Available

divorced dad with son

Help your family move on with a divorce home loan.

If you are going through a divorce, you may feel like you are stuck in housing limbo, waiting to buy a home until your divorce is complete – we can help with a Divorce Home Loan.

At Hurst Lending, we don’t think the stress of uncertain housing is fair to you or your family. We launched DivorceHomeLoans.com to help people dealing with divorce move on and start building a new life, without complicating their finances or the divorce process. With a divorce home loan, you can begin to establish your “new normal” while your divorce is pending. We have two divorce mortgage programs specially designed to help you.

The Divorce Bridge Loan Program and the Divorce Home Loan + Rental Program are designed to help qualifying customers acquire a home prior to their divorce being complete.

  • Don’t wait until your divorce is complete

  • Select any home you want in any Major Metro area

  • Move in and start moving on

Divorce mortgage programs may not be a fit for you if you do not have the assets/income to purchase a home after taking into account the financial implications of your divorce. Our experts can help you assess whether you can and should consider a divorce mortgage. Contact us to learn more about qualification requirements for a divorce home loan.

Divorce Bridge Loan Program

This program is ideal for customers who want to purchase a new home, their current home has not yet sold, and their divorce is not yet complete. With this divorce mortgage option:

  1. You select your dream home
  2. We provide a divorce Bridge Loan so you can purchase the home while you are selling your existing home and finishing your divorce.
  3. Once your home is sold and your divorce is final, you can pay off the divorce bridge loan with the proceeds from your home sale/divorce settlement or refinance your divorce bridge loan and convert it into a normal 30 or 15 year fixed rate loan (without your ex-spouse).

Divorce Home Loan + Rental Program

This program, which is not a true “divorce mortgage”, gives you an easy way to move your family into a new home — and your soon to be ex-spouse does not need to sign any loan documents.  With this program you:

  1. Select your new home
  2. We purchase the home and rent it to you at normal market rates while you are finishing your divorce
  3. You apply for a loan through our mortgage company (Hurst Lending and Insurance)
  4. You sign a standard purchase agreement where you agree to buy the property (at the price that we paid for the property) when your divorce is complete
  5. You close on the property as soon as your divorce is complete.

You get the benefit of all capital appreciation from when you start renting the property and when you close on the purchase agreement.

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